Drab, But Not Dreary

The monastery is surrounded by a sea of Herefordshire mud: reddish brown, glistening and like treacle underfoot. The skies are leaden, and it seems the rain will never stop. The most urgent task of the day is to plug four leaks in the house. I think we could, with justification, call this a drab day; but it won’t be dreary. I don’t mean that we shall be going round with fixed smiles on our faces, denying the obvious. On the contrary, it is precisely by being honest about the weather and everything else that we avoid the melancholy and cruelty that is at the heart of the meaning of dreariness. We acknowledge the truth, embrace it even, and thereby lance any destructive power it may contain.

Today, if you are feeling down in the dumps, out of sorts, wanting to put off till the last possible moment any engagement with others, you may find some comfort in this. This drab, rainy day is full of infinite possibilities — possibilities beyond our ability to imagine or envisage. Grace is everywhere, and it is not dependent on anything but our willingness to receive it.


8 thoughts on “Drab, But Not Dreary”

  1. Drab or dreich as we call them here are the norm, it rains 300 days a year. The sky is grey and often kisses the ground. If we who live here let that get us down we would be done for! We rejoice every time we see a glimpse of sun or a patch of blue sky.

  2. I too am surrounded by oozing Herefordshire mud and the threat of a flood into the house though water levels have dropped a little this morning. Thank you for your thoughts and comments which are much appreciated . As I write the sun makes an effort to peer through the leaden sky.

  3. Our ground is covered in snow, the river beginning to ice over at the shore. Tomorrow flurries are expected, then on Wednesday periods of snow. Cold, snow, ice – we embrace our Albertan winters because to do otherwise would be to curse creation. That said, we’ll be heading out to restock our pantry and refrigerator, thankful we are able to do so.

  4. It’s been a bit ‘dank’ here today. Overcast with occasional showers – but looking in the garden the water glistens on the leafage of our evergreen bushes and some hardy plants which are trying hard to push up shoots, thinking that it’s the spring.

    Our cats are confused, one moment drizzle, the the next dry as they try to dodge it on the way out of the cat flap, only to be caught on the way back. Nothing like seeing 2 or 3 cats trying to struggle through a cat flap, made for one cat, at the same time. This regularly causes breakage and replacement – but cats having the freedom to come and go is important freedom for us. And, no, they no longer bother with hunting as they’re too well fed. But as a gang, they’re fearsome in seeing off any strange cat or fox that strays into the garden.

    And we seen Foxes regularly. Bright Red Coats and Bushy Tails – running up the paths around the terraces here – looking for the next freebie perhaps.

    And, we are deluged with Crows, Wood Pigeons and today, Sea Gulls, making a lot of noise, to remind us that we’re very close to the Thames Estuary and their nesting sites.

    • Thank you for your post, Ernie. My day today has been filled with many frustrations and false starts. Your depiction of three cats forcing their way through a cat flap has brought a smile and a chuckle to me every time I’ve thought about it, and I’ll tell you, the image is stuck in my mind. Having had three cats at one time we know what life is like with them, though we’re down to just one at the present time.

      A pair of beavers has built a huge lodge at the edge of our river and taken down many trees in the process. The city’s parks department have been wrapping wire around the remaining trees. We are currently inundated with ravens who fight with the resident bald eagle causing quite a racket in the mornings. Impossible not to see God’s glory in nature, isn’t it?

  5. Back to work and a house empty of guests today. Enough to make me feel a little dreary, even when I saw plenty of blue sky!

    Still will be back into the swing of things by Friday, and its nice to not need to cook and wash up for a houseful!

  6. I read this a couple of days late, and today it is just the encouragement I needed to hear. Thank you very much for the reminder of possibilities that are not dependent on ourselves…. All will be well, and all manner of things will be well….

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