Buy a Nun a Book Day 2015

International Buy a Nun a Book Day Just thought you’d like a wee reminder that the counterpart to Buy a Priest a Beer Day is Buy a Nun a Book Day on 17 September, the feast of St Hildegard of Bingen. The format is simple:

  • find a nun or Religious Sister
  • ask her what book she’d like
  • give her the book or a book token/money to buy the book with.

The idea behind the day is to encourage people to get to know nuns and Religious Sisters a little better, and in the case of those whose communities are poor or lacking in library resources, to help them acquire the books they would actually like. The choices won’t necessarily be religious, so please don’t make any assumptions in advance. This is a great way of helping communities in the Third World. If you can’t help materially, please pray instead. Who knows, your prayer may move the heart of someone who can give but hadn’t previously thought of doing so. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Buy a Nun a Book Day 2015”

  1. Such discrimination! Wouldn’t at least SOME nuns prefer a beer?! (Or priest a book, for that matter?). Being greedy, I’d like both! Made me smile Sister, but your point is serious As ever, thank you

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