Palm Sunday 2015

Palm Sunday: Jesus enters Jerusalem












Palm Sunday, and here in Herefordshire making the imaginative leap into the world of Roman Palestine is not helped by the wind and rain; but perhaps a grey sky matches the grey mood. For this is a day of menace, a day when we must decide where we stand. The triumph of the entry into Jerusalem is short-lived. The crowd that shouts ‘hosanna’ today will be crying ‘crucify him’ on Friday. If we are honest, we know ourselves to be equally fickle. But it is the Man on the donkey who is key to everything. He does not come to condemn but to save, not to inflict punishment but to show mercy. We must take our tone from him. This is a week for healing and forgiveness; and though we know that we must be bruised and broken along with him, we can, and do, trust that ‘through his stripes we are healed’.


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  1. Today I heard a different take on the story… Not us as one of the crowd, but us as (if you like) the donkey – bearers of Christ on the way we go.. Rather liked that.

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