Servanthood and the Women’s World Day of Prayer


The Women’s World Day of Prayer is one of those quiet initiatives that grows and grows. Today it is something that is shared in by many men and children, as well as women. The theme chosen by the women of the Bahamas, who were responsible for organizing this year’s programme, is one that fits well with this week’s gospel readings and is beautifully symbolized by the towel, pitcher and bowl of the Mandatum: servanthood. Today we might usefully spend a few moments thinking about our role as servants of the Lord, and how many of his servants have bent over our grubby feet in times past in obedience to his command, ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’



1 thought on “Servanthood and the Women’s World Day of Prayer”

  1. I participated in Last Years service in a local Methodist Church where the theme was The Woman at the Well. I found the service very moving, particularly as I was privileged to be given the role of Jesus in the scenario projected.

    This year’s service at a local Pentecostal service clashes with a long awaited Dental Appointment, so I will miss it. But what a useful initiative and one that makes us appreciate how much women do in church and the world, much more than they’re given credit for.

    I’ve joined the Cleaning team in our parish, alongside 5 dedicated women, and we have a great laughter and banter as we work alongside each other. They’ve become fast friends and companions in this particular aspect of service for the greater good.

    Now, I’m much more careful what I do in church, as I’m all too well of the hard work behind the scenes by this small team who try to keep God’s house in the pristine condition we believe to be worthy of him. 🙂

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