Be More Dog by Bro Duncan PBGV

I was snoozing quietly in my basket the other day when I overheard Them discussing an opinion voiced by Pope Francis. Apparently, he was comforting a little chap who’d just lost his best (doggy) friend. Our pets go to paradise, said the pope. Immediately, a storm broke out all over t’internet, with some arguing along with Aquinas that dogs don’t have souls so can’t go to heaven and the pope is a heretic and deserves to roast in the fires of hell, and others asserting equally roundly that the pope should define it as an article of faith that dogs do go to heaven as they often live better lives than humans do. I’m not sure where My Lot stand. They tend to get all theological and invoke words like ‘mystery’ and ‘transcendent reality’ and add lots of qualifiers and stuff.

Of course, it is all quite simple, really. Dogs were created so humans could learn the importance of values like love and fidelity, which they are not always good at. We teach little humans important things like eating everything on their plates and sleeping soundly wherever they happen to be. We teach old humans they are infinitely loveable and delightful to be with. We teach the middle-aged ones the importance of fresh air and  exercise, and you’re never too creaky to have fun. I don’t know about heaven up above, but I do know that humans could make life on earth a bit more heavenly if they all tried to be more dog — live in the moment, and be grateful for everything. That’s not a bad message for Advent, is it? Be More Dog.



Dunc xx


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  1. Well done Duncan,COMMONSENSE ! If only humans did think that way,there wouldn’t be so much misery in this world of ours. Why shouldn’t all animals go to heaven,they were all created by the Lord. They have innocence,they live simply,ideals humans (mostly) could do with!

  2. Be more Dog?

    What about Cats?

    Cats are also furry, friends, who don’t need to be exercised, because they are lean, mean, killing machines (well some are) and can also snooze at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime and pose in the most ungainly positions, which any, self-repecting Dog might sneer at.

    Cats are good for all ages, but are also independent enough not to need company 24/7, can make their own way out in the worst of weather conditions for their business, which doesn’t involve the owner (slave) getting drenched at the same time.

    And if Dogs get to heaven, than Cats will be also there, teasing them as they always do, but Dogs will still be on a lead, restrained by their owners from chasing the cats.

    I think that this might actually be Doggy Hell 🙂

    Be more Cat! Loving food, sleep, the occasional stroke and social connection, but maintaining pride and dignity by turning your nose up and stalking away if the food offered doesn’t match you whim of the moment.

    What has Pope Francis got to say about that? :

  3. Francis isn’t the first, not even the first pope, to say such things – JPII declared before he died that he believed animals have souls. I’ve long been convinced anyway that Lucky, the small black cat who lived across the road but constantly sought my company for a decade until 2006, awaits me if I get to Heaven.

    As a confirmed cat person I’ll reserve my position on the whole “Be More Dog” trope, but of course am glad to receive Bro.Duncan’s delightful message in the spirit in which it was sent.

  4. P.S.In one of his theological books C.S.Lewis speculates that pets may enjoy eternal life through being part of us. Now I’m off to try and remind myself which book that’s in!

  5. Having consulted with Spot the Dog (@caninegoldfish), we can only say:
    (a) we agree wholeheartedly with Bro Duncan, and
    (b) dogs rule, cats are cruel 😀

  6. Very well said! You are a very smart hound! I personally believe that my dogs that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, will be there to greet me in heaven. : )

  7. Wonderful Br Duncan, Thank you for that. Having ‘lost’ my best doggie friend a few months back I believe it is highly likely they are ‘up there’……at least mine is!!!
    What a hole they can leave in our lives too especially when we are in need support.
    Dogs dogs dogs all the way!

  8. Bro Duncan….spot on as ever! You obviously understand that our Creator made everything for a purpose, and the purpose is always Love. What would heaven be without a cold nose giving one a shove to share a treat and a wagging tail to bash human silliness out of the way? My dear, departed old lurcher, St Flo of Hereford, can’t wait to meet you ‘up there’…!!

  9. People and particularly , “Theologians’ get all hung up about the Rules of heaven.
    Well, come back and tell us what you know!
    Simple as I be I strongly hope that when we are in the Presence we can introduce ALL our loved ones animal and almost human.
    I do wish people would listen to this Pope instead of trying to find fault.
    mmm reminds me a lot of the Court of Caiphas.

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