Twelve Every Hour

According to UNICEF, twelve children die every hour as a result of violence, most of it not linked to war. That is an appalling statistic. It means that every five minutes somewhere in the world a child is being done to death, most probably by adults charged with their care. Very often we note such things with a shudder, utter a silent prayer, and then move on to the business of the day. We forget that children have no real voice. They aren’t in a position to make much fuss. They don’t lobby politicians, launch Social Media campaigns or otherwise engage public attention. Here in Britain we are inclined to be a bit sentimental about childhood. Child abuse and child poverty grab the headlines when they are uncovered, but the kind of violence UNICEF was talking about tends to be under the radar. Perhaps today we could each spend a few moments thinking about these things — not condemning the perpetrators, which can often be a fruitless exercise in vicarious anger, but rather but thinking about how we can protect the young. Violence against children is not acceptable, but how do we create a society where we all believe and act on that principle?


2 thoughts on “Twelve Every Hour”

  1. And please also pray for the people working in the field of intervening in families to prevent harm to children: for their judgement and emotional well being. And for the system: that society will care enough to fund and support a structure that puts children’s needs first. Both in the UK and worldwide.

  2. I think it’s telling that the oft-quoted Equalities Act 2010 does not apply to children.
    As a teacher I know only too well what suffering is inflicted on young people in too many British families.
    I also work with many teachers who are saintly in their persistence, patience and determination to give love and security, as well a bunch of GCSEs to the youngsters in our care.

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