The Transfiguration of Christ

The Transfiguration of Christ is one of those feasts I love more and more — and not only because it has a superb liturgy which conveys both the essence of the mystery and its significance for us. I think the Transfiguration opens a window onto heaven, so to say, and allows us a glimpse of what we shall be when we have become like Him at last. It is a feast of hope, of light and peace in a dark and deeply troubled world. Let us give thanks and rejoice.


3 thoughts on “The Transfiguration of Christ”

  1. I find the terrible irony of it also being Hiroshima Day rather sobering. How ever magnificent humans felt themselves to be on splitting the atom and raising that awesome ‘mushroom’ cloud into the sky it was just a mask on our basic desire to dominate and destroy. Christ’s Transfiguration is completely the opposite…we are left in awe as we stand before that moment of timeless, radiant stillness. I love the image you chose, Sr Catherine, thank you.

  2. I went to an Anglo Catholic High Mass this morning for the Feast and wonderfully celebrated it was. The Church was packed and we sung some wonderful traditional hymns and I felt incensed to the hilt.

    I know that it’s said that Anglo Catholic’s are more Catholic than the Catholic’s, but I felt very at home there, and the homily while brief and intercessory prayers were wonderful.

    I wish more feast days were celebrated on the day, and not moved to the nearest Sunday.

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