Bro Duncan PBGV Speaks His Mind

Leaving aside the snarky remark one of Them made, to the effect that I don’t have a mind, just two brain cells to deal with the important questions of food and sleep, I think it’s time I gave you my perspective on world events. After all, although I live in a monastery, I’m not ‘cloistered’ in the way most people use that word, and with my senses ever on the alert for prospective food supplies (postman, visitors, etc), I think I can safely say I am well up on what is happening.

It is quite clear that the world is going to the cats. Those who are not slumped in front of television sets watching some ball game called the World Cup are out and about murdering one another. When I asked BigSis what she thought about the Middle East, she looked grave and said from North Africa to Iraq, there is trouble. Israelis and Palestinians are fighting one another and may soon plunge the whole region (and perhaps the West, too) into all-out war. There is a credible report that ISIS has obtained 40Kg of radioactive material that could be made into bombs. If you look further afield, the continent of Africa isn’t doing so well, either. There is a darkness in Nigeria and the Central African Republic that makes people live in fear.

To me, all this is rather strange. I don’t understand why humans can’t live peaceably with one another. I bark at Rusty, a Ginger Tom who visits my place occasionally, but only when he’s outside and I’m inside. If we meet on the path, we give each other a wide berth. I respect him; he respects me. We have learned that it isn’t worth getting into a scrap. Why can’t humans do the same? After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that it has to do with memory. Humans won’t let go of their history. When I said this to BigSis she said she would want to nuance that statement (a polite way of disagreeing with me, I think: she can be ever so diplomatic when she tries). She said that humans are often reluctant to let go of a particular version of their history, one that validates whatever position they have taken up in the present. So, for example, both Palestinians and Israelis see themselves as victims and, to some extent, have grounds for thinking that. But it’s not the whole truth, and unless or until someone can break the mould and do something far braver than shooting at one another, conflict will continue.

I suppose that may be so. As a small hound, I know I can’t do much except show forgiveness and tolerance in my daily life and put my paws together for others. But doing the little I can is important. Big changes begin with small ones.


11 thoughts on “Bro Duncan PBGV Speaks His Mind”

  1. Wise words from @BroDuncanPBGV.

    I pray that those causing all of the carnage world wide will gain some of that wisdom and cease their warlike tendencies and resort to the Peace of Jesus Christ, which empowers everyone to love, justice and care. Amen.

  2. A lovely blog – thank you. Jess the dog has no enemies and treats every human being she meets as if they’re her greatest friend – respecting everyone just for who they are. Like you she steps out the way of trouble and treats every day as if it’s a new start. Humanity could learn so much if only we could let go of history,

  3. Can I correct you in regard to one thing Bro Duncan: I have not been slumped in front of the television set watching the World Cup football. For most of the time I have been on the edge of my seat! Hope you don’t mind me mentioning 🙂

  4. So good to hear from you, @BroDuncanPBGV. Perhaps you should lead a conference on creating & sustaining peace. Until then, we’ll keep praying.

  5. Thanks for the words of wisdom Bro Duncan.
    P.S. I didn’t watch the football but the Tour de France was very interesting and exciting. I particularly liked the beautiful views of Yorkshire and Essex.

  6. “humans are often reluctant to let go of a particular version of their history, one that validates whatever position they have taken up in the present” What a refreshingly honest post and these words struck me to the core. Now if you can write a solution to this statement you will solve the world’s problems? And if your answer that the solution is forgiveness I will inwardly groan. (Even though I know it to be true).

  7. Dougie has 3 brain cells. Food, sleep and ball. Has never gotten into a scrap. Always walks (or runs!) away from conflict.
    I think he would make a great cabinet minister for you when you take up leadership.

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