Resurrection | Easter 2014

Symbolic representation of the resurrection of Christ: sarcophagus, c. A.D. 350
Symbolic representation of the resurrection of Christ: sarcophagus, c. A.D. 350

This morning finds Quietnun and me a little ragged after having spent ten hours in the Accident and Emergency Department of our local hospital. It may have been the first time anyone had read through the whole of the Easter Vigil there. It was certainly the first time two Benedictine nuns had done so, and although it wasn’t exactly how we had hoped to greet the Resurrection, crowded on benches, watching one emergency after another stream through the doors, it did remind us of something we tend to forget. Jesus comes to us where we are, not where we would like to be. To him, the A & E suite is as sacred as a basilica, because it is there that he finds his children; and we all know his special tenderness towards the sick and dying. He redeems us from our sins, not from our (largely illusory) misconceptions about ourselves and our own wonderfulness. He comes to us as Saviour and stoops to our need, our real need, not any imaginary need. Above all, he comes to us, not as an abstraction — the Resurrection — but as a person, the Risen Christ. In the face of such great love and mercy, what can we say but ‘alleluia’?


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  1. Alleluia! Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

    Now you have us worried as ever over and over again we bring you before The Lord


  2. Christus Anaeste. By being in A&E and saying the office there you brought God into the midst of pain and suffering and prayed from the heart of your own agonies. You have been an icon of God’s giving and love for all. You are both in my prayers.

  3. Thank you for my best Easter present this year. To be remindful of the day… and the day after. Yes, Jesus finds us where we are and we in turn find Him in the most unexpected places.
    May the many blessings of Easter be yours all the coming year.
    He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!

  4. To quote St. Augustine “We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!” Wishing you and Quietnun a peaceful Easter Day, rest and refreshment. Easter blessings to all who visit this site, and joy throughout the Easter season!

  5. I hope you are both now rested after a difficult and different Easter vigil than the one expected, and as a consequence a extremely moving, peace filled and beautiful blog; a very happy Easter to you both.

  6. Easter Greetings to you and Quietnun. I hope you are both in good health. I’m sure your presence in A&E was impactive on the staff and other patients. Prayers and best wishes >

  7. Thank you for your prayers and kind comments. After a total of fourteen and a half hours at Hereford County Hospital I can report that (a) despite working under immense pressure, the staff were uniformly kind (which is what sick people need most) and very thorough in their investigations; (b) some of the patients were rude and difficult (which is what the medical and nursing staff do NOT need); (c) I was lucky enough to see someone who knew about sarcoidosis and the implications for sarcoma (two rare diseases, wow!) and (d) the treatment prescribed, although with unpleasant side effects, has already reduced much of the pain and swelling and made me feel much better and more mobile. Hope it continues to do so!

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