News of Digitalnun and Bro Duncan PBGV from Quietnun

Bro Duncan PBGV expects to have his stitches out on Friday and is very relieved that They are not allowing any photographs of him in undignified poses in tee shirts and silk scarves, which he is having to wear at present along with the hated Comfy Cone bonnet. He is not going to take any selfies until his bald patches are fully re-furred.

Digitalnun is home but very, very tired (that is monastic code for tired AND cantankerous). Thanks to the skill of the surgeons, she is able to walk with the help of two sticks but she needs to be very careful until the wound heals. Three areas of disease were removed but it will be a couple of weeks before we get the histology report and know whether the lymph nodes are affected. It will be even longer before we know for certain whether the suspected secondaries in the lung are cancer or ‘just’ sarcoidosis. We pray very much they will prove to be the latter. Fortunately, she is usually very cheerful and positive.

Once the wound has healed, Digitalnun will undergo radiotherapy which will also prove tiring for her. So, as her Gaoler, I mean carer, I am banning her from the Mac for the time being. She will not be on Twitter or Facebook until she feels well enough to cope. Both she and I (and our hairy brother) are very grateful for your prayers, messages and cards, and all the practical help we have received and will continue to receive. I know that she prays for you all unremittingly, and I join my prayers with hers. You will understand why we can’t reply to emails and messages at the moment. We are, first and foremost, nuns and need to concentrate on that.



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  1. Wonderful that Digitalnun is home – heal better when you are with loved ones. happy BroDuncan PBGV is recovered enough to be vain. Sending you, Quietnun, my best wishes & patience energy & healing energy & prayers for your patients xxx

  2. D Lucy, thank you so much for the news. My prayers will continue for all three of you. Of course we don’t expect any of you to be worrying about posting on the internet at a time like this. You try to take care of yourself as well as your two patients.

  3. Thank you for the update on Dame Catherine and Bro Duncan.

    Sending my love and prayers to her and to Bro Duncan, who seems to be taking it harder than Dame Catherine, albeit for different reasons (dignity and PBGV Attitude in the main).

  4. Thank you so much for the update. I have been praying for you all, and, like others, wondering how things were going. I will continue the prayers.

  5. Prayers especially for Digital Nun. I can empathise with her. Having had rapid-growing cancer diagnosed less than 4 weeks ago, I’ve already had surgery and initial radiotherapy; and yesterday I started what may be up to 18 weeks of chemotherapy to deal with secondaries in my lungs.
    May God grant her rest and healing from the surgery; may the histology results be positive; may the radiotherapy be as mild as possible; and may there be no secondary malignancies.

  6. Dear Quietnun – Thank you so much for the update. I’m so so glad that Digitalnun is well enough to be back home. I can identify with the tired and cantankerous bit (am there myself), but would have gone stir crazy without the computer. However I am also aware that quite a lot of rest is required in order to heal.
    I did not know that Bro Duncan was also going under the knife, bless him. I want him to know that a ‘selfie’ would have provoked a huge outbreak of sympathy…and he is not on his own in wearing outlandish clothing at the moment.
    Will keep you all (especially re the histology results) in my prayers. God bless!
    maryclare πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for the update. We will keep you both in our prayers, as well as all who post here, some of whom I read are dealing with health issues themselves.

  8. Thank you Quietnun for your update. Special prayers for you in your wonderful role as gaoler/carer – not an easy task to care for the four paws in a crash hat and the two cantankerous legs with sticks!
    Also special prayers for Digitalnun and Brother Duncan as they regain their strength, their health and their humour.
    God bless you all.

  9. Thank you for the update, Quietnun. I join my prayers to yours and everyone else’s for Digitalnun and I send her energy. I had radiation therapy as well. It was very tiring for me, but also a time of prayer and closeness to God…
    May you all feel carried by God in these testing times.
    With all my love.

  10. A link to this post came to me quite by chance – I had not heard about Sr Catherine’s condition. Please pass her my love and prayers for a complete recovery, and accept a big hug for yourself, Lucy!

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