St Benedict, Father of Western Monasticism

St Benedict
St Benedict
















The Transitus, or ‘birthday into heaven’ of St Benedict, father of Western monasticism, fittingly occurs during Lent. He insisted that monastic life should always have ‘a Lenten quality’ — a purity and intensity of focus we find hard to sustain but which should be very marked during this holy season. Those who have never attempted to live according to his Rule are apt to praise its moderation and restraint. Those who have ventured to live by it, and know the depth of their own failure, are in no doubt about the hugeness of his demands. We are asked to prefer nothing whatever to Christ. To do that for a single day, a single hour, would be a great triumph of grace over nature. Happily, Benedict knows our weakness. In the end, all is grace, all is the work of the Holy Spirit. Our business is simply to trust and to go on, neither growing weary nor giving up. Perseverance isn’t a showy virtue, but it is a very Benedictine one.


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  1. I recognise the rigorous discipline required, of your special calling, and I am praying that The Lord will sustain and help you. Also hoping for your healing and return to perfect physical health and strength >

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