The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Today is one of those so-called minor feasts of Our Lady which, by association, have profound significance for some. It is the Dies Memorabilis of the English Benedictine Congregation, when all the rights and privileges of the pre-Reformation English houses were conferred on the reconstituted Congregation; it is my own clothing anniversary; and it is a day of special prayer for all who lead the cloistered or enclosed life.

In previous years I have written on all these themes, but today I suggest we follow the example of Mary herself and simply look where she looks, do what she does; and if you are in any doubt what I mean, our processional cross will give you the clue.


9 thoughts on “The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

  1. Your processional cross is beautiful & a tribute to those who clean it too.
    Thank you once again for your online ministry; I join my prayers with all those unknown to me who also have cause to give thanks for the work that you and your team offer on this significant day for you.
    Many blessings….

  2. No major point intended. It was simply that you wrote that it is a special day of prayer for all who live the cloistered and enclosed life and I know that it also special to active religious.

    • Now I am understanding! I was referring to the fact that it is the Church’s Special Day of Prayer for Cloistered Religious, i.e. one of those days set aside for praying for a particular intention (cloistered religious), rather than implying that it is ‘only’ special to them/us.

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