From Nerses to Hilda and Back Again?

I love the way the liturgical calendar confronts us with contradictions. Today is the feast of two great saints, Nerses of Armenia and Hilda of Whitby. Nerses was a man of inflexible principle, sent into exile and eventually poisoned (or so it is alleged) for ‘speaking truth to power’. Hilda, by contrast, was a listener, a compromiser, who helped bring peace to the English Church by accepting the Roman date of Easter and all that it implied. The Church needs both her principles and her compromises; but above all she needs the wisdom to know when to stick to the one or yield to the other, that God may be glorified in all things.


2 thoughts on “From Nerses to Hilda and Back Again?”

  1. We celebrated Hilda at HC this morning. Lovely brief biography of her and the collect and post communion prayer and choice of Epistle and Gospel were fitting.

    Her conciliation skills are something we could all do with – something to pray for.

    Just reminds of of Paul’s writing about the Fruits of the Spirit.

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