All Saints Day 2013

I made the mistake of re-reading last year’s post for this day and realised that it says most of what I want to say this year too, so I’ll spare you the repetition. There’s just one thing to add. A twitterstorm yesterday afternoon has heightened my awareness of the need for real holiness among the people of God. I don’t mean the kind of self-conscious ‘sanctity’ that seems chiefly to consist in adopting all the currently fashionable attitudes of liberal left or conservative right, I mean the kind of holiness that costs: the holiness of prayer, sacrifice and service; the kind of holiness that shakes us out of our complacency and changes us for ever; the holiness that reflects the holiness of God himself. It is that kind of holiness we celebrate today, not only among the saints in heaven but also among the saints on earth.


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  1. This blog often sends me to the dictionary, a Bible commentary or ‘something I’ve read somewhere’, but today I am searching to understand ‘twitter storm’. Whatever can have happened yesterday? Shall I ever catch up on technology?

    Remembering that today is for all those unknown saints who do not have a day of their own, I shall echo Kati’s phrase and ask

    Bless all those dear people who help those who are refugees.

  2. Our patronal day at All Saints Hereford….a day for rejoicing and thanksgiving. Around us, mostly incognito, are all the saints of our day who contribute so much and are often unsung. I give thanks today for all the ‘saints’ who have helped me along the path…including my father who would have been celebrating his birthday today – he showed me the glory of God through music, bless him.

  3. Many thanks for this post – it chimes in with my own thinking…

    I sometimes daydream as to how wonderful it would be to read that the Christian Legal Centre or the like had supported a Christian banker in her/his claim for wrongful dismissal because s/he had refused to enact a corporate policy that s/he felt oppressed the poor or vulnerable and was therefore against the spirit much of Biblical morality towards the weak, poor, fatherless, foreigner, prisoner, widow etc. Or that the Legal Centre had had to intervene to stop a Bed and Breakfast owner sued by a same sex couple the B&B owners had refused to give a double room to, from (metaphorically) giving their opponents, not just their shirt but their cloak as well – so eager to apply the words of Scripture seamlessly that they gave the same weight to Matt 5:40 as Lev 18:22. But no, these are daydreams. Much vocal Christian morality that leads to court cases these days tends to focus on the right to discriminate against homosexuals and the right to wear trinkets. Which suggests some of our Christian chums have lost their way…

    Of course there is the other extreme – liberals preaching a laissez-faire gospel where you might well ask: ‘What’s the point?’ It is difficult to know what is the happy medium – but I think there has to be a personal cost – and a personal cost free from the pride that many of take in our humility or sacrifice. Alas this can’t be attend wholly by the will, but by habit and grace.

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