Agincourt and After by Bro Duncan PBGV

Today is St Crispin’s Day and the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. Given my ancestry, I have mixed feelings about that. Do I get all patriotic about the English victory, or lament the French defeat? I’m a peaceable chap, so my tendency is to lie doggo and keep quiet. I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world, at home anywhere — especially in a comfy dog basket or beside a roaring fireside — so I don’t go in for arguments or quarrels. That doesn’t mean I lack love of country; but it does mean I don’t have to keep proclaiming that my country is better than yours or running yours down because it isn’t lucky enough to be mine.

I think BigSis is on to something when she says love is never negative about others. Love simply loves. The only competition love seeks is to be first in doing good to the other. I ‘spect that’s quite spiritual really. BigSis says you just have to look at a Crucifix and all your complicated ideas fall away when you see what love really means. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I’d do anything for Them. I’d forgive Them anything—anything at all. I think that’s what love means, don’t you?


9 thoughts on “Agincourt and After by Bro Duncan PBGV”

  1. Big blushes here Bro Duncan. I think Sr Mollie and Sr Gracie have a soft spot for you. It must be because of your Gallic charm and speaking about Love. Be sure to do everything Big Sis tells you to do. she is very wise. ^.^

  2. Isn’t that what dogs do – they do not judge, they just love? Of course, living in a monastery which indulges in roaring fires might help.

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