The Mirror of Love

Nostalgia is the most adult of emotions, and one of the trickiest to navigate. We can be inspired by the past or, more exactly, our version of the past, or we can be imprisoned by it. It can energize us or make us angry. Nostalgia is a kind of homesickness — and ‘home’, as we know, can be a good memory or a bad one, but it never lets us go. Our lives reflect the love and goodness we have experienced, or their opposite.

I wonder whether St Luke, whose feast we celebrate today and whose gospel has qualities we do not find in the other evangelists, had an unusually happy childhood. I have sometimes imagined him growing up among a host of sisters, indulged, teased and challenged by turns. Some of the interactions he records between Jesus and women have just that kind of friendly respect that men who are at ease with women display. His interest in Mary, too, suggests that he was fascinated by everything about Jesus and did not despise the family details.

Did St Luke grow up among girls? I don’t know, and my kind of speculation is historically inadmissable; but his gospel brings a warmth and humanity to the story of salvation that we need to remember. I am all for theology, liturgy, etc, etc; but we need to keep a lively sense of our home being not here but in heaven, from whence we await our Saviour, a Person, not an abstraction. We meet him every day in the faces of those we encounter. Do our faces mirror the love and respect Jesus has shown us? In other words, do we allow others to see Jesus clearly in us?


5 thoughts on “The Mirror of Love”

  1. I sense that Love in Luke’s Gospel is perhaps a reflection of the love that he saw and experienced from Jesus’ ministry.

    And as I truly believe that God is love, and the power of his love can overcome all, than I try to have that love for all that I meet, not just those that are close to me.

    I’m aware that my feeble attempts cannot in any way be compared with God’s love, but surely if we’re devoted to that love, a tiny piece of it will cascade down through us into the world.

    Imagine if every human being did that – what a wonderful place the world would be. Truly, God’s Kingdom will have come.

  2. Although it can be difficult when I feel pain due to disappointments, bereaval, or betrayal, trying to show the love and respect that Christ has shown me in how I treat others is what I aim for.

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