A Little Blog Housekeeping

Several weeks ago I canvassed readers’ opinions about possible changes to the blog. I think it would be fair to say that the consensus was ‘no change’. However, there were a number of things that needed tidying up, and I hope we have now dealt with most of them:

  • the RSS feed has been emptied of all bloated bits and pieces, so should work more speedily and reliably in future
  • the Facebook link has been redone so that it should post more reliably (it still can’t cope with scheduled posts, for some reason)
  • the sidebar has been re-ordered
  • the Google Translate widget has been made to work as it should (not before time)
  • the Donate Now button takes you to our Charity Choice link (so you can have second thoughts if you wish) rather than simply asking you how  much you want to give (no subtlety there)
  • the Amazon Shopping search bar has been corrected so that if you are in the UK and choose to use it for your online shopping, we get a referral fee
  • there is a tag cloud so you can see at a glance the subjects most often discussed on iBenedictines
  • the link to eBuzzing rankings is now displayed last of all, so you can have fun with it if you want.

There are a few more tweaks to make, but these are enough for now. And if you want a thought for today, how about some fasting and praying for the people of Syria and wherever there is violence? We may think we can do very little, but doing a little is better than doing nothing.


6 thoughts on “A Little Blog Housekeeping”

  1. “We may think we can do very little, but doing a little is better than doing nothing.”
    I think I will print that out in a large display font for my wall (house wall, not FB wall!) (if that is OK by you?)

  2. I suppose that Amazon don’t let you choose the books to advertise, do they? That’s a pity and if it were possible I’m sure there would be better ones to recommend which could be a real service to people.

    Also, and I realise you’ve probably got enough on your hands, if you had a link to Amazon.com as well I would use that. Not that I’m buying many books at present but I do use it occasionally as my blog is an Amazon Associate and so I get paid a little in their vouchers. But there may well be others who buy through Amazon.com who would like to use it. Just a thought for the things to possibly think about list…

    • No, I groaned when I saw the choices Amazon had made for us. I’m thinking of changing the web 2.0 box to a simple search one with no ‘recommendations’. I think I can add other Amazon sites at that stage. Thank you for pointing it out.

  3. It’s just occurred to me that a page with book recommendations (which could have links to the appropriate sites to buy them) could also provide a real service to readers who would value your recommendations. However, having been planning to investigate something like that for the Church website I administer, and not getting to it, I realise that time is a factor. But it might be worth thinking about…

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