Forgiveness: Another Post by Bro Duncan PBGV

Last night I stayed up to welcome BigSis home after her return from York. I thought it was very sneaky of her to leave on Monday morning while I was having my post-brekkie nap, so I intended to do a dignified but distant kind of welcome, the sort that says, ‘I forgive you’ but means, ‘I’m putting you on probation: don’t you DARE do that again, or else!’ Well, you know me, once she walked through the door, my tail went into orbit (so much for dignified) and though I did manage to look soulful (my default look), I forgot about the distant bit. Then she said, ‘Hello, old rat-bag. Am I forgiven then?’ and something I didn’t quite understand about how there is joy among the angels when a sinner repents and is reconciled to God, which I think means that forgiveness is really rather wonderful and transforms everything, and my waggly tail is a good image of the sheer joy there is in heaven when humans come to their senses and are reconciled with God and one another; and then there was something about how stupid humans are to store up resentments, which is like taking poison and hoping the other person will die. I forget the rest, ‘cos I was really just pleased to have her back, but don’t tell her or she will become proud, and that is not good for her humility, not good at all.

I think I might do less of the dignified and distant in future and settle for forgiveness, plain and simple. It’s more fun, and if you try it, you may get a surreptitious bikkie or two like me.

Dunc xx

P.S. BigSis (Digitalnun) says I’m to get off her keyboard NOW. She will be blogging tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Forgiveness: Another Post by Bro Duncan PBGV”

  1. Doggy forgiveness is heaven blessed.

    That’s the relationship between canine and human. Canine gives love unstintingly and forgives and forgets every time, while humans have a much more difficult job of reconciling forgiveness and love with each other.

    But if we forgive, we should feel humility and not that feeling of ‘how good we are to forgive’, we need to balance our forgiveness with the foreknowledge that it may not actually achieve repentance in the one we’ve forgiven. Hopefully it will, but forgiveness shouldn’t be conditional on remorse or repentance, but a whole hearted action from Love.

    I just wish that I could be as forgiving as @BroDuncanPGV.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Brother Duncan! I’m sure YOU are far too well-behaved for this, but my own four-legged friend often teaches me how to ask for forgiveness too. After a misdemeanour he’ll show real contrition (you dogs do know how to perfect that look, don’t you?) but shining through will be his sure confidence in how much he’s loved, and I can’t help smiling. He’ll accept forgiveness joyfully and come for a cuddle. And often end up getting a bikkie too! I read somewhere that dogs act as we’d do if we had no shame: contrition’s one thing but shame’s quite another, so isn’t that a wonderful example?

    Welcome back Big Sis (if I may…)

  3. Well, we shall miss your incisive missives and instructive insights but I’m sure you will need to get back to your usual work of running the monastery almost single-pawed so we will accept it with good grace. Perhaps BigSis could be persuaded to post a photographic likeness of you here some time? Just to keep our spirits up, so to speak……

  4. Bro Duncan should meet Bro Timothy. Here where we live, is founded the Little Order of St Timothy. Our4-legged founder is slowly teaching us his Rule. We’re not called to love all enemies: cats must be cast into outer darkness, for instance.

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog posts. I have enjoyed running the show while BigSis has been away, but now I have to work on my book. Love and woofs to you all, Dunc xx

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