A Terrible and Bitter Irony

There is a terrible and bitter irony in the fact that Egypt, the land to which Jesus, Mary and Joseph fled to find refuge from the murderous pursuit of Herod, should today stand as a land of blood in which Christians are being persecuted unmercifully. The struggle between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood grows every day more violent. The crackdown on the protest camps has cost the lives of hundreds of innocent people.

So today, instead of writing about the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I would simply ask your prayers for the people of Egypt. Perhaps those of you who have a devotion to Our Lady as Mother of God would join me in asking her intercession: for peace, for the dying, for all her sons and daughters.

Note: if you would like to read something about Catholic devotion to Mary, this short post may be useful.


6 thoughts on “A Terrible and Bitter Irony”

  1. Thank you Sister… it is simply unbearable what is going on in Egypt. I am already praying my heart out that this tragic loss of lives will come to and end NOW.
    I am becoming ever more aware of and extremely grateful for the peace and quiet and countless of good things I have in my own life. It is so very easy to get into the habit of taking such things for granted, or at least not giving proper thanks to God. I have been very guilty of that myself. These days one would have to be completely oblivious to what is going on in Egypt and other places, not to deeply appreciate one’s good fortune of living in a peaceful and democratic country.

  2. A terrible irony indeed. As I heard about the latest massacres in Egypt it did not occur to me to make the connection you have made that the place of refuge for the Holy Family should be today a place of violence.

    I particularly want to thank you for the link to your previous short post about Catholic devotion to Mary. Coming from a Protestant perspective such devotion is something I have struggled to understand. You have helped further my understanding. Thank you and thank you for the beautiful ebook Magnificat to which you link in that post.

  3. Thank you for this post. My prayers are for the people of Egypt and in particular the lovely young Coptic Christian who was our guide in Cairo a few years ago and showed us round some beautiful old Churches, one of which had a crypt that was by tradition the place of shelter for the Holy Family.

  4. Perhaps a good time to remember in what high esteem Mary (Mariam) the mother of Jesus is held by Muslims across the world. We share our love for her.

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