Contemplative Pause

Every now and then I stop what I am doing and pause, just listening, looking, absorbing what is going on around me. It is probably an overstatement to call these moments ‘contemplative pauses’ but that is, essentially, what they are: moments when I withdraw from the hurly-burly of all that has to be done, the many people and things clamouring for attention, and simply register God’s existence and my own. I hesitate to call this resting in God prayer, but it is definitely a turning towards him in the course of the day. Does it achieve anything? Probably not, because it is not about doing; but I think it helps to focus mind and heart at the times appointed for individual or communal prayer. It helps to keep one within the orbit of prayer, so to say.

On this midsummer day, may I commend to you the idea of not doing, of pausing, just being, and allowing the Sun of Justice to scatter whatever darkness lingers  in your hearts and minds?


5 thoughts on “Contemplative Pause”

  1. “Sometimes I sits and thinks; but sometimes I just sits.” This can be balm to the soul! Sometimes even contemplation is too active, but best not done too frequently!

  2. Sounds wonderful. I am frequently aware of how my days jump from task to task and I don’t give God the attention He deserves and I would I love to. Not yet found the solution…..

  3. Even the Lord after making heaven an earth had a day of rest!!
    Let us rest in his word in knowing that no matter how far we are from him he is never far from us !!! Thank you Jesus !!!

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