Saturday Morning Graces

Sunshine skittering through the branches of the apple trees; points of light glittering  on the nut tree; sparrows holding their chapter meeting in the barn eaves; daffodils bending in the breeze; the dark pink tilth of the fields smelling sweetly; a cock crowing loudly; pied wagtails dipping and dancing on the lawn; the smell of beeswax from the oratory; guests stirring lazily in the West End of the monastery; Bro Duncan PBGV imploring a morning walk; the warm silence which follows Lauds. For all these gifts of your giving, Lord, we give thanks.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Graces”

  1. You paint a wonderful picture; being able to stop, sense, hear, see all the changes spring is bringing is a true blessing indeed. Although, personally I wish the birds could have kept quiet a little longer around here this morning!

  2. Lovely!
    While its beginning to seem like spring here (most of the snow is gone, the river only has a bit of ice in spots along its banks), we can never really say Spring has arrived in this part of the world, until our traditional May snowstorm has passed…

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