Palm Sunday 2013

The Herefordshire countryside is looking bleak this morning: sheep huddled under the trees, dribbles of dirty snow along the verges and a cold grey sky overhead. It isn’t the kind of Palm Sunday we wanted. Is the Messiah we acclaim today the kind of Messiah we want, either? Do we want someone imposing, who will make us feel good about ourselves, or are we prepared to follow this rather ridiculous fellow on a donkey, who promises only that we must drink the cup that he drinks?

You choose.


9 thoughts on “Palm Sunday 2013”

  1. Ah, yes – a similar view here in rural Norfolk with the addition of two empty fields. Pity the poor donkeys this morning who have left those fields to make their annual journeys, snow not withstanding, through the local villages, and in one instance into the church, to help us mark out this day.

  2. Ridiculous? Yes, and no.

    In the sense of Martyn Joseph’s song, “This is a strange way/ To start a revolution…”

    And also because I, myself – working in the secular unbelieving world, with secular, unbelieving people, day after day – I need to embrace the idea of being seen as ‘ridiculous,’ and not fear it. It’s the only way to follow the guy on the slightly perplexed donkey, as he heads for humiliation, death – and glory.

  3. I do think many people see Chritianity (Spirituality – God…) as something that ought to make them feel good now. When it does not they feel it has failed them.

    It was never a self-help guide or cozy philosophy.
    If I look honestly at the events remembered in the next few days I hope to glimpse something much deeper and more important than a short term feeling. That He should suffer for us is ridiculous in so many ways but none that matter.
    Thanks for giving me something to consider in the week ahead.

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