One Week In

One week into Lent, and we probably all have a much more modest idea of what we can do. The prayer, the fasting, the almsgiving — they all seem a little harder, the results a little less obvious than we had hoped. This is the moment at which we need encouragement, and the encouragement we most need is to be reminded that Lent is not about what we do but what God does; and he can do anything! He can take our small and uncertain offerings and transform them. All he needs is a chink in our armour, a way in, to draw us closer to himself and refashion us nearer to his heart’s desire.


11 thoughts on “One Week In”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. While I’m not jaded yet, I can see that it might come if I don’t take time out to reflect and to pray.

    Perhaps the key to Lent is to be open to Jesus, as you suggest, leave a deliberate chink in our Armour to allow him to come in. Fend off the world perhaps, while welcoming the Spirit.

  2. Oh so jaded already and the armour heavy.clumsy and stifling. And, can I mention, I am cross with the world. Profoundly irritated my 4 messy, thoughtless teens and creeping resentment. My middle name is definitely Martha not Mary! Happy to think about what God can do in my life without too much from me except some stillness, maybe? .Whew=thanks

  3. Not jaded yet, but coming up against a counter argument. Because like most people I never seem to have enough time to do all I want to, so decided for Lent to give more time to do voluntary work. Last evening at the prayer group, the thought for the group was: Stillness, meditation, and self examination…I practice all of these but have given up for lent. Have I made the right choice?

  4. I have found a personal rosary which can never be lost or forgotten… 8 fingers, 2 thumbs and 2 hands! Is this an answer to praying about how to pray? Will test drive it this week. (Was in response to your tweet about stillness this morning!)

  5. Thank you for your words of encouragement, they are well needed. It sounds so simple and yet it is so hard. I ask myself the question ‘Will I ever get it right?’ I suppose the consolation is that we keep trying.

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