Ordinary Time Again

Today the Church returns us to Ordinary Time, and I must confess, it is something of a relief after all the glitter and brilliance of Christmas. I like the spareness of monastic worship: much of our singing is unaccompanied, the oratory in which we pray is very plain, and green is one of those colours that comes in an infinite variety of subtle tones and shades. Into this plain, green, sober world, the feasts and memorias of the Church burst like silver stars, all the more glorious for the contrast. It won’t be long before Lent is here and then the great feasts of Easter and Pentecost.

Make the most of this little interlude of Ordinary. We can’t always be feasting on the heights; most of our life must be lived on the plains, and this is a chance to learn how.


6 thoughts on “Ordinary Time Again”

  1. I too love the return to Ordinary time, its refreshing to have all the green back, less candles, simpler vestments etc, THere is a freshness about it, that fortifies us before we begin Lent.

  2. Thank you for the last paragraph. I needed to hear this! I so look forward to Christmas and try to make the most of every minute, but I feel like I never get enough and am so sad to see it end. I know that I need to find a way to make the most of every moment, to enjoy every season for what it is, and to feel hope and aspiration throughout the year. It’s just so hard when the world (and not just the Church) slips back into Ordinary Time.

  3. I quite like Ordinary Time or whatever it’s called in the CofE.
    We have the chance to celebrate the calendar of Saints and to learn more about them.

    In our Parish we use a book ‘Exciting Holiness’ which provides biographies of the Saints and appropriate readings for liturgy on their feast day.

    On all days even where no saint is commemorated we still have the whole purpose for us, to worship of God to join in with all the millions of have worshipped over the centuries.

  4. How interesting. Here in the Church in Wales we are still in Epiphany and therefore white or gold and won’t be back to green until we reach Candlemas and the Sundays before Lent. By then I will enjoy the change to the freshness of green, but for the moment we are still rejoicing. 🙂

  5. Sisters, I love going back into Ordinary Time too, but I also love coming out of it! When we enter Advent it’s like a shock of cold fresh water on a hot day, after all the long weeks of the Ordinary. But it’s refreshing to go back into it too after living on the heights and put away all the sparkle and glitter; after the “baby shower” to get down to the long business of watching the baby grow up, to live and to die.

    Thank you so much for your website, and this blog. It is a blessing to read of how you incarnate the calling of our Rule: every Benedictine community is slightly different, and it is really encouraging to read of your journey too!

    Sr Therese

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