Our Need of Light

I love the fact that we sing the antiphon O Oriens on the shortest day of the year.  In asking the Morning Star to dawn upon us, to scatter the darkness of sin and death and allow the Sun of Justice to shed his rays upon us, we are doing more than praying for a certain event to take place. We are asking to be transformed by the coming of Christ (the Sun of Justice), that we ourselves may live as children of light. It is one of those breath-taking prayers we utter without perhaps stopping to think what we mean.

To live as children of light is more than a liturgical catch-phrase, something we usually think of in an Easter context. It is a whole way of being, a genuinely radical change that we are hoping for in our lives. The contrast between light and darkness is stark, but it is amazing how complacent we can be about the shadowy aspects of our existence. Today would be a good day to think about those areas of our lives which need the healing and transforming light of Christ to shine upon them and seek his grace in the confessional. Sometimes naming what has gone wrong is enough to destroy its power over us. We have nothing to fear. Light is our proper environment.


8 thoughts on “Our Need of Light”

  1. Your post has caused me to think about how I have come to accept certain ‘shadowy aspects of our existence’. Hiding from the light is easy to do consciously and unconsciously. Naming what has gone wrong seems an essential step in learning to live in the light – “our proper environment.” Thank you for this.

  2. That is such a liberating thought – ‘Sometimes naming what has gone wrong is enough to destroy its power over us’. Naming is a potent activity….it made me think of Christ in Mark’s gospel asking the demon ‘What is your name?’ and receiving the answer ‘My name is Legion; for we are many’. I’ve always thought that the poor man must have finally become open to healing as soon as he was able to name what he felt had taken him over. I’m going to carry your post with me today, Sister…many thanks.

  3. I just love that post. It would have been my mother’s
    birthday today. We did not get on at all but I shall pray for her. The one thing she did endow on me was the love
    of music and for that |I am grateful

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