St Lucy

Advent is all about light and darkness, and this feast of St Lucy is a lovely one, coming as it does when the stars are brilliant in the frosty sky and we know that the Sun of Justice is soon to shed his rays upon us. The story of St Lucy is well-known (and Quietnun would never let me forget it, even if the liturgy did) but I am squeamish about eyes and prefer to keep the gorier bits in the decent obscurity of Latin. For those who have a special interest in the needs of the visually impaired, as we and our volunteers do through our Veilaudio service, this feast is a reminder that light and sight are easily taken for granted. Perhaps we all need to remember that we see most clearly not with our eyes but with our hearts. That is why my personal heresy about judgement day is this: we shall each look into the eyes of Christ and know ourselves for the first time, loved in spite of all our failures, forgiven in spite of all our sins. It will be a sweet pain, true purgatory. Before then, let us make friends with the saints, that they may aid us with their prayers.


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  1. An exquisite hoar frost here. It’s this beautiful sight that makes the bitter cold that accompanies it bearable.

    Greetings to Quietnun on her special day.

  2. I taught children with visual impairments for 20 years and in my retirement care for a 98 year old wonder who is nearly blind. If you are a heretic then I am Digitalnunist. I so agree that that is what Purgtory means.

  3. Felicitats (what do you say to someone on their saint day in English? I never know what to say to my sons when we celebrate theirs) to D. Lucy from Abingdon. I rarely have anything worth saying but I’m still reading as your blog is always excellent. If only I were as courteous and wise. More prayer needed, perhaps….

  4. Thank you for all your comments. D. Lucy said she had a very enjoyable day (we had the LMDG from All Saints, Hereford, with us for a Quiet Day) but she looked quite tired at the end. I can’t think why. Bro Duncan PBGV and I did all the hard work! 🙂

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