A Thought for Friday

Some people love Fridays; other people hate them. Friday certainly has a different ‘feel’ about it compared with Monday, say, or any other weekday. In the monastery, Friday is a fast day and has its own atmosphere of cool self-restraint, always associated in my mind with such delicacies as pilchard hash or nuts-and-onions, a particularly unpleasant dish accompanied with sauce made from packet tomato soup (a relic of the Stanbrook tradition long since banished from Howton Grove Priory!) The fact that it is a fast day, however, is a reminder that every Friday is lit up with the mystery of the Cross. It has become rather unfashionable to meditate on the Passion and Death of Christ. We want to rush on to the Resurrection and the performance of good works, bypassing the messy, gory bits in the story. Perhaps today we could spend some time thinking about the redemption won for us by Christ our Lord, the cost to him, the gift to us.


4 thoughts on “A Thought for Friday”

  1. I so agree that in our modern world, we spend significantly less time meditating on the cross. It is usually reserved for Good Friday in my Evangelical church. But we need the cross, the Garden of Gethsemane and the passion to fully understand what it takes to live in this realm and what it took to bring us into relationship with God for eternity. Thank you for this blog. It is a well-stated reminder to keep our thoughts on the cross more than one day a year.

  2. I remember that in my working life, Friday had an odd quality- it was either rushing to get to the weekend, or feeling there was so much to accomplish that the weekend would never come. Either way, my Fridays never quite came into their own. One of the blessings of retirement is that time opens out in new ways.

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