Hallowe’en at the Monastery

Halowe’en at the monastery and not a pumpkin in sight! The fact is that we ‘do’ Hallowe’en in the traditional way, with a glorious first vespers of the feast of All Saints (All Hallows). It is a feast of light and hope; so while those around us are  switching off their lights to enjoy ghouls and goblins and talking of ghosts and vampires, we are focused on something much more marvellous, the beauty and holiness of the Church. There is no room for darkness or fear, but perhaps we need to be reminded of that. The Christian message is always life-giving, life-affirming. If you are partying tonight, have a great party but remember the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ who surround us and celebrate them and the glory of heaven to which we look forward in hope. After all, Hallowe’en ushers in All Saints and All Souls, about which I shall be posting tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Hallowe’en at the Monastery”

  1. It is very good to hear the way in which you will be celebrating Hallowe’en at the Monastery. As a society, we seem to have lost all connection with the original meaning.

    It is, of course, just an excuse for innocent fun to the vast majority of people partying tonight, but that does ‘mask’ a truly sinister growth of occult practices. In Christ, though evil is already conquered, he still needs our assent and our will for the effects to be felt in this fallen world. I have long felt it is important for Christians to devote real time to prayer and praise on this night, as indeed on any New Year’s Eve. As Tennyson said, ‘More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.’

    I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit will prevail, that St Michael will draw his sword and confound all works of corruption and that the unseen ‘cloud of witnesses’ will be stirred to protect the human race from itself.

    Dear Lord, lead us not into temptation…

  2. Much nicer to acknowledge All Hallows.
    I am currently contemplating having to buy some cheap sweets in anticipation of possible small creepy callers this evening … :o/

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