It did not rain last night, for the first time since we came here. What a difference sunshine makes to the day in prospect! Even the thought of a number of tiresome jobs cannot put down the little bubble of enthusiasm that rises to the surface when the sun is shining. It is ironic that this change in the weather, short-lived though it may prove to be, should have co-incided with the feast of St John the Baptist and the turn of the year, when the days begin to grow shorter. It is as if God is reminding us that his light is always there and will shine for us when he chooses. We grumble about the weather or make jokes about the drought, but I like to think that this morning there is a huge smile on the face of God. He has surprised us yet again.


4 thoughts on “Sunshine”

  1. It’s also lovely and sunny here in North Kent.

    It certainly helps to have a bright start to the day. I read about those people who suffer from Seasonal Associative Disorder (SAD) who really become quite depressed during the darker winter days – their suffering has been extended in this unseasonal weather.

    I know one or two of them and the last thing they need is to be told to ‘cheer up’ or ‘pull yourself together’ they just want a tiny part of creation to shine for them.

    The thing that strikes me about the changeable weather patterns is that we believe and expect the sun always will shine in summer and are disappointed when it doesn’t – but despite all of our scientific advances, we still can’t control our weather patterns. Something of God there methinks.

  2. I can only agree with you Sister. What a huge difference it makes to ones day when the sun comes out, even if it’s only for a short time.

    I have worked hard to transform the balcony into my own little outdoor space with beautiful flowers everywhere. Heavy rain for long time threatened to spoil both the hard work done, but also my joy for what I had achived. But today we have sun and it looks like it’s going to stay with us… what a gift from above and I am so thankful.

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