In Praise of Rain

Jokes about the drought are frequent. Ever since it was declared, it seems, we have had nothing but rain. April was the wettest on record for a century; it was followed by an unusually wet May. Even now the skies pour down; so why not celebrate rain and sing its praises?

It is a grey morning here in Herefordshire, but the raindrops skittering down the window panes are more brilliant than the Queen’s ‘river pageant dress’ as they trace their delicate patterns of silver and crystal down the glass. Step outside, and the rain feels warm and fresh on one’s face. The earth is soaking up the rain, with grass and trees bending under its weight. From the undergrowth comes the unmistakable smell of wet earth and lush vegetation. One can almost hear the grass growing at one’s feet. Everything is vibrant with life.

In the Bible rain is always seen as a precious gift, giving life and freshness to the earth. As befits a nation of desert-dwellers, the Israelites celebrated rain as a blessing, to be longed for in time of drought, praised as spring rain and autumn rain, gloried in as a sign of God’s gift of fertility and growth. Like them, we pray for the heavens to rain down the Just One, liken the action of the Word of God to the rain doing its work on the earth, acknowledge Christ to be Lord of sky and storm.

We are glad of the rain, for two dry winters have reminded us that it is not a gift to be taken for granted. As we sing in the Canticle of Daniel, ‘springs and showers, bless the Lord’; and as Fr Baker reminds us in Sancta Sophia, we are called to ‘praise the Lord amidst the noise of the water-spouts’. A cheering thought as we raise our ‘brollies yet again.


7 thoughts on “In Praise of Rain”

  1. Thanks Sister. You draw a beautiful picture. I love seeing rain drops glistening on green leaves and flower petals.

    It reminds me so much of the beauty of creation, which we so often take for granted. And, of course, our responsibility to conserve our environment – one of those political footballs, which is used to beat one another with.

    But, the advent of drought in the UK, brings us up short as we realise that something that we take for granted is actually a gift from God – we squander it at our peril.

  2. We had an excess of rain here, flood warnings and high stream flow advisories, not to mention hail, high winds and south of us, 3 confirmed tornadoes.. Flooding in the mountain towns, and as of today, still snow in some areas, so the spring runoff really has yet to start.
    Alberta! we do not have weather, we have climate!

    • And indeed, a quick look out the window this morning shows the river has risen at least two feet, is silt laden, and running faster than usual.

    • But I didn’t after all. We “did” Zaccheus, and also Behold, I stand at the door and knock; I heard it on the Radio 4 service first thing in the morning before I got out of bed, and thought “That’s a really good idea”

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