Nothing to Say

I haven’t blogged for the last few days because I’ve had nothing to say. That is the luxury of blogging, as distinct from preaching or teaching. When the well of inspiration runs dry, one is under no obligation to try to find an alternative source of hydration. One can just go silent (which, as someone will probably want to point out, is an anagram of ‘listen’).

Maybe it is because I am a nun, or maybe just because I am ‘built’ that way, I think the most important thing any Christian blogger can do before sitting down at the keyboard is to pray. We are so busy filling our minds with information, we sometimes forget the need to digest it all and ask the Light of God to shine on the areas we don’t understand or, worse still, think we understand but don’t. Slow prayer, slow blogging: I am a fan of both. Much better to go quiet for a little than to find one has become entrapped in one’s own noise.

The Monastery and the Internet
(The video presentation I did for the Gott im Web Conference is still available here and will be as long as the bandwidth we bought holds out: it has been viewed by more than 250 people so far.)


12 thoughts on “Nothing to Say”

  1. Heh heh. Good one. While you are in listening mode, Bro Duncan was muttering on about fresh air on Twitter, and you may like to hear what he said… πŸ™‚
    (Of course I would never want to imply that our brother is a mutt).

  2. There are times when silence can be as powerful, sometimes more powerful than words. It gives not only the speaker/writer time to think but the listner/reader time to consider.

    p.s. Woof to Brother Duncan fom his “poetic” pal.

  3. Hear, hear! You continue to lead the way well.

    Slowing down – the much needed attribute of our time (at least it has been for me!)

    Silent – listen. I had never thought of that connection before. How profoundly true. Thank you.

  4. Reminda me of a true story of a young prieat who had visted all the homea os his list several times and rang an older prieat to ask what he could say. The reply was “Don’t say anything. Listen to their life stories?” I am amazed at how a friend of mine thinks there is something wrong if people are sitting together saying nothing. She feels compelled to speak even if it’s nonsense.

  5. How swiftly one moves from nothing to say to shouting praises from the rooftops. I’m delighted to read of the exchange of contracts.

  6. In case Patricia’s comment baffles anyone, we heard at midday today that contracts have been exchanged on the barn conversion we are buying in Herefordshire. All being well, we shall move in on 30 May, though I shall be back on 31 May to rescue Bro Duncan from kennels. A Te Deum has been sung. Please join us in thanking God.

  7. I agree. Sometimes it could be over a week or even more before I am inspired. I don’t look for comments, I look to encourage and edify others in their faith walk.

  8. Any photos of your new home? This is great news! I hope the move goes well, and that Brother Duncan approves once he gets there!
    Best Wishes,
    maryclare πŸ™‚

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