Blessings Awareness Day

I have ‘Awareness Day’ fatigue. Too many good causes ask me to be ‘aware’ of this or that, to give my time, energy, money or what you will; to tweet or wear a ribbon; it is all too much. Apparently, today is, among other things, Bread Awareness Day. That set me thinking. Bread  is so important, a blessing in itself. Blessed and broken, it is a feature of most meals; consecrated and shared out in the Mass as the Body of Christ, it sustains both body and soul. So I hereby declare today Blessings Awareness Day, a day to acknowledge our blessings and give thanks for them. Nothing more is required, but it should put a smile on your face and laughter in your heart.


10 thoughts on “Blessings Awareness Day”

  1. How true! I know the feeling well.
    Love your idea for Blessings Day and yes, let’s break the bread with thanks to God from whom all good things come. :-))
    How will I ever get it all through the eye of a needle ?

  2. I read your post and thought of all the blessings I receive in my life on a continuous basis, so much more than I have ever asked for, and can’t help wondering how I can share some of them with those who are not so fortunate…

  3. Yes, we do need to count our blessings, we also need to remember that God wants to bless us and give us more and more. I read Luke 6:37-42 (Douay Rheims) about not judging, about forgiving other folks’ sins, and all the blessings that will be poured out onto us. The question is, what are we using for our measuring cup? Do we see it half full/half empty, or do we even recognize our cup as our own, or do we deny it could ever possibly be ours to have and hold? Maybe counting blessings is more about living a life not only of faith but also of gratitude, not a single event but a way of being. This is what separates Christian “awareness” from secular awareness event days, I think.

  4. A few causes/charities I have chosen and there let it rest. As with prayer, I do what I can. There are so many truly good causes. Still, I cannot take on everything. When I am approached and refuse I often get a ‘look’, but I cling to my rule. Otherwise one feels one is dying of a thousand tiny cuts.

    I will be introducing a kitten and an mature cat (from the breeding program), into my home in a couple of months, two of God’s awesome creatures, Chartreux, which already bring much laughter, joy and love as I study their photos and anticipate their arrival. Blessings of my heart! “Blessings awareness day”! I like it.

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