The Silence of Holy Week

This is a week when words buckle under the strain of meaning. Already yesterday’s hosannas are forgotten. We are left with the dust and anonymous noise of the city streets, the quiet plotting taking place in private rooms. We are moving inexorably forward to the Lord’s Passion. The sense of looming menace increases hour by hour.

These first days of Holy Week are very precious. They are a time for silence and reflection. One of the ways in which we prepare in community is by reading the Last Discourse in John’s Gospel before Compline. As the words echo through the darkness of the oratory, we enter into our own darkness and know our need of a Saviour. Such knowledge does not cast down, because to know our need of God is also to know that he has bowed down to meet it, that throughout the terrible events of this Week we are held by a Love that is infinite and eternal.


5 thoughts on “The Silence of Holy Week”

  1. I hope, Sister C., that you will continue to lead us through Holy Week in this manner, painting the scenes we dare enter into, laying the groundwork for meditation. I’ve often found Holy Week feels like sitting vigil with a dying patient, where there is a focus and a manner of being, and where the outside world seems too busy, too bright. A bit of a disconnect from what is at hand and others going about their daily business. Thank you for keeping vigil with us.

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