Lenten Transfigurations

I like the fact that we read the gospel of the Transfiguration on the Second Sunday of Lent, and that the collect of the day invites us to feast interiorly on the word of God. That feasting on scripture is such a stark contrast to the fasting from food that marks ferias in Lent, while the revelation of God’s glory shining through our human flesh and blood is such a powerful reminder both of what we are now, God’s children, and what we are to become when we see him as he truly is.(1 John 3.3) St Paul caught the wonder of this when he wrote of our being changed from glory to glory. (2 Corinthians 3.18)

Mark’s account ends, ‘And lifting up their eyes, they saw no one with them anymore but only Jesus.’ (Mk 9.8) Isn’t that what Lent is about? All our observances are meant to help us see Jesus more clearly, and because we see him more clearly, we reflect his beauty and glory more perfectly in our lives so that others can see Jesus in us. That is the Lenten transfiguration we aim at: becoming true icons of Jesus Christ.


4 thoughts on “Lenten Transfigurations”

  1. Thank you for so clearly putting Lent in a new light for me. What a beautiful and amazing aim you leave us with in that last sentence!

  2. our reading today in church was taken from Mark, the bit just before the Transfiguration. where Jesus asks “who do you say that I am”; and as usual I got carried away and continued reading rather than following whatever it was we were supposed to be doing next. Was it just serendipity, happy coincidence, that you should choose to illuminate what I read “by chance”? I need to reflect on all of this… the reading, your comments, and the meaning of conincidence in Christian life…

  3. Thank you. I like to remind people that the Lord can use the jawbones of a donkey (Balaam’s ass) to say what we need to hear at any particular moment! I do think that many of us have got the wrong idea about Lent, if I may put it that strongly. We need to concentrate more on what lent is meant to achieve in us, which is surely ever growing conformity to Christ our Lord.

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