Whitney Houston and Untimely Death

You would think we would be used to it by now. Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, so many popular singers have died early, often as a result of addictive behaviours involving drink and drugs. In Whitney Houston’s case, there was the added tragedy of drugs ruining her voice long before it would have naturally faded. She had to live with that, day in day out, and who can guess what that knowledge cost her?

In the face of untimely death we are all a little subdued, a little sad. We may not have known the dead person, but we recognize that something is not quite right: the expected order of things has been overturned. The religious among us may whisper something about ‘God’s purposes’ but, whether we have faith or not, we must confront the reality of death. The life we know now must come to an end, and neither the moment nor the manner of it is for us to choose. ‘The Lord gave; the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.’ True, but let us not forget the grief of those who mourn and reflect on the ways in which society colludes with destructive behaviours. As we pray for Whitney Houston, let us also pray for all who are in thrall to drugs, alcohol or anything else that limits human freedom and dignity.



7 thoughts on “Whitney Houston and Untimely Death”

  1. Wise words, as always. So many people embark on self destructive behaviours despite the life changing (and, sometimes, life ending) consequences.

    To go off on one of my tangents now… As an ICU doc I am confronted by death frequently. Death frightens people. When someone dies young, “before their time”, people find that harder to bear. I haven’t learnt how to handle the grief of friends and relatives before and after death. It is so difficult. Nonetheless it is a privilege to be with people at these times, trying to make it as “less terrible” for the friends and relatives whilst also doing everything possible to keep the dying person as comfortable and undistressed as possible.

  2. Drug addiction is a beast. We lost a friend and brother in Christ to a relapse this year… while we were all glad that he was finally free of this thing that tormented him, it was heartbreaking. Many people judged him when they learned about his past and his battle, but Jesus knew (knows) his heart.

    I agree… we as Christians need to be praying with and praying for people who are addicted to drugs.

  3. Whitney Houston was blessed by God with a truly beautiful voice for which she will be remembered and which should be the focus of our memories of her.

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