Queen Elizabeth II

Today marks the sixtieth anniversary of the accession of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. The words with which she dedicated herself to the service of the Commonwealth on that day in 1952 have been amply fulfilled. In a message released for today, she dedicates herself anew to public service. That should make all of us, whatever our political opinions, think about our own service of others. Personally, I am grateful for the quintessentially British and rather understated way in which her Christian faith suffuses all she says and does. We are fortunate to have a genuinely Christian monarch as Head of State. Let us pray for her today with thanksgiving.


3 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II”

  1. I too wish Her Royal Majesty, our Queen, all the best and recognise her service of all her realms. The only Head of State I have known in my lifetime and I thank God for blessing our Great South Land of the Holy Spirit (as it was know prior to 1770) for giving us Britain as founder and her monarchy as leader.

  2. A remarkable woman and a remarkable monarch, very much the daughter and heir of her father and mother. Warmest congratulations to her, and to her subjects, on this historic anniversary.

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