Snowfall and Silence

Snow is beautiful to look at, but what I love best about it is its silence: great drifts of silence falling from the sky and hushing everything. The world is noisy and we sigh over the necessity of having to cope with incessant clamour, sometimes amazed to discover that the worst din of all is from within. Snow changes our perception of reality, transforming common objects into strange shapes and revealing the mystery hidden within the apparently ordinary. Lying white and still, it quietens the world around us so that our inner noise is heard for what it is: ‘sound and fury, signifying nothing’.

May you be blessed with a day of great interior silence in which to wonder at the beauty of the snow and its Creator.


5 thoughts on “Snowfall and Silence”

  1. I find cessation of sound is what I crave every week. I’m a music teacher; perhaps the fact that Fridays are three hours of recorders and samba in the afternoon, followed by three hours of piano teaching in the evening has a lot to do with this need! The snow has been an added blessing today. (Here’s an old chestnut; “listen” is an anagram of “silent”)

  2. I commented on the beauty of Silence after a manic night in the snow… The silence at 6 am after a very busy emergency shift was ‘deafening’…. and made me stop…
    To me it was pure ‘Creation appreciation’

  3. *sigh* It is February and my usually snowy town has not had enough snow to cover the grass this season! In fact, I’ve been wearing my spring jackets almost exclusively. I absolutely love bundling up in sweaters and blankets and sitting on my balcony to watch the snow fall in the dark… It may not be practical, but it sure is peaceful. I love pondering God’s ability to make so many shapes of snowflakes!

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