We keep the feast of St Aelred today (tomorrow being the feast of St Benet Biscop for us) so my thoughts naturally turn to friends. Friends, please note, not friendship. Friends are people β€” awkward, imperfect, challenging, delightful to be with; friendship is an abstraction, a way of thinking and reflecting on what friends are and mean.

Today let us give thanks for our friends in all their quirky individuality and pray that we may be better friends in return. Christ is always the third person present in any friendship, so let us be friends in a way that he would approve; and if we can think of any friends from whom we are estranged or whom we have neglected, let’s make an effort to put things right.


3 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. I read about St Aelred this morning. Not long ago, I met a new neighbor and told her I hoped we would be friends because this is really important for me. She seems really happy about this. I guess St Aelred would be pleased πŸ™‚

  2. Friendship to me is tonic in my gin. Laughter and fun at my table, nurse in sickness , patience in hardship, kindred spirit in relaxation, and if only I were like them in my heart.

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