A Marmite Toast Moment

The last few weeks have been rather trying for the community (a classic British understatement, if ever there was one). As far as I can see, we can do nothing except put up with it as well as we can. I will therefore share with you the secret of maintaining a cheerful countenance in the face of disappointment and difficulty (though it won’t work in Scandinavia).

When the wine of life turns to vinegar and you feel knee-high to a worm, when prayer seems hollow and even the dog avoids you, there is only one thing for it: Marmite toast. That hot, savoury, tangy delight with its wicked afternote of forbidden saltiness will soothe the sore in spirit and revive the faltering courage of those sunk in gloom. If Delia Smith can do God for the spiritually hungry, surely nuns can do food for those down in the dumps? A ‘Marmite toast moment’ is so much better than giving in or giving up. Sometimes religion needs to take a very practical form. Taste and see!


14 thoughts on “A Marmite Toast Moment”

  1. I love Marmite on anything, but toast is king!

    During my Army Days, we used to retire to the Sergeants Mess for morning coffee (tea was also available) and a range of savouries on toast.

    Marmite was the favourite of most of us, with those who couldn’t stand it, surrounded by the delightful sound of 30 or 40 Marmite lovers eating their toast.

    Happy Days.

  2. Ah, Marmite–a taste not soon forgotten. For really challenging times Marmite on toast with some Moxie – a bitter yet slightly sweet soda originating in New England could work wonders.

  3. Marmite would not be my thing. But then I have a major handicap: I am neither English nor British…
    I do like your ‘trying’ expression, particularly since it is an understatement.
    I am, however, sincerely sorry that you have experienced disappointment and difficulty these last few weeks. And I do hope that fate will make a complete about face and bring you much success in the coming days.
    Life is good, nevertheless, since you have the right solution to your challenges. It would just add to mine, I’m afraid.
    Many many blessings to you and your community!

  4. Commiserations . Talking of serotonin boosters, peanut butter does it for me. Scandinavians – don’t they have light therapy and saunas and failing that I think gluhwein does the trick .
    More serious is why the dog is avoiding you – because dogs are highly evolved super sensitive and empathic .

  5. I’m sorry about the disappointments. I am so glad you mentioned marmite toast. I have had a tiring day (no problems, just tiring) and am on the way to bed. A slice of marmite on toast with my cuppa sounds just what I need. Thank you.
    PS Why won’t it work in Scandinavia? Am I missing something obvious?

  6. Ah, what a battle I have let loose in the pages of the blog! I knew it would draw you from your covers. I must reassure those who are concerned, Bro Duncan is not avoiding me. In fact, as I type this he is sitting by my side in a very companionable way. Some Scandinavian countries have banned the import of Marmite. Can you believe it? That’s worse than not being allowed quinine in one’s tonic water in Japan, in my opinion, though my gin-drinking days are long past.

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