A Voice Crying

Isaiah’s image of a voice crying in the wilderness is one of the most evocative in scripture. No wonder that John the Baptist allowed himself to be merely the voice that precedes the Word. I often think that a blogger must also be just a voice: the message to be proclaimed, the essential Word, comes from the Holy Spirit. Our business is not to get in the way of that Word, not to falsify it, not to shrink it to our own comfortable assumptions about how things should be.

Reading again Isaiah chapter 40 this morning, I was reminded how the tenderness of God is not inconsistent with a wilderness experience, with huge efforts, much patience and uncertainty about results. We are called to make a highway for God in our hearts, and that means some exhausting labour to level the mountains of pride and fill in the valleys of fear. Those of us who blog from our Christian experience must expect it to involve us in hard work, misunderstandings at time, results quite the opposite of what we intended or hoped for: a kind of be-wilderment in fact. But we know that it was in the wilderness that Israel found God; that being a voice is important because we have the greatest of all messages to proclaim, Jesus Christ our Lord.


13 thoughts on “A Voice Crying”

  1. Although a blogger is just a voice, it would be well for him or her to persist in shedding multiple spores which will penetrate any random heart which has been predestined by God to listen.

  2. As a beginner tweeter and Blogger I feel like a voice in the wilderness. But it is in this wilderness that I have heard Christian voices speaking about God, and it is in this wilderness that I am inspired to listen and reflect. From following links in tweets and blogs like this one, I am tripping over God everywhere! And I can also sharing Him more freely through Facebook, LiveJournal and Twitter than I can face to face.

  3. Is the crying voice sounding in the wilderness, or is the voice proclaiming a path which is to be in the wilderness? Does it matter? Is it relevent? Maybe the voice IS the path?

  4. There are so many of us blogging that we must end up make some sort of Greek chorus accompanying the making of the way in the wilderness.

    I do hope that the Holy Spirit is indeed opening a path to my heart. I will be a very grateful women if this indeed takes place πŸ™‚

  5. I have been reflecting that it took John the Baptist 30 years in the wilderness before he emerged.
    That helps to put our blogging efforts into some useful perspective. πŸ™‚

  6. I believe that the practice of blogging has allowed some people to put their thoughts and beliefs into public space where before they would be written in private journals or maybe shared with a few friends. It shouldn’t be the intention to spread the word, whatever that word is, amongst many – just reaching one or two may be all that is required. For many aspects of what we do we will never know who we reach – what our words mean.
    A voice in the wilderness is still a voice.

    • Thank you, Marie. I’m not sure if you mean that when one writes one should be addressing oneself to an audience of one, just as when one broadcasts one talks to one person, even though millions may be listening, or whether you mean that one should be more reticent in expressing thoughts and opinions? I certainly think anyone who is a Christian should pray before blogging and do his/her homework before stating any ‘facts’, but the Church is missionary or she is nothing. Therefore, I’d say that intention matters very much.

      The Word for me is Christ, whom we must proclaim in season and out of season, and we do that whether the subject we are addressing is explicitly religious or not. As a contemplative nun, I’m very conscious that my primary role in the Church is prayer, but I am convinced of the need for a contemplative voice to be heard on the internet. So, I am just one of those who blog instead of writing books, and I am frankly amazed that such a specialist blog as this should be read by so many.

  7. I too love Kirsten’s comment, “tripping over God everywhere!” Wish I’d thought of it first! But, Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Words! I do feel I’m tripping over God since I started using Twitter. I’m conscious of God working in my life anyway, but reading this blog and others, and all the tweets are an additional inspiration. Love it all. I am blessed in that my reason for following Twitter is based on wanting to follow a friend of faith, so I had the best start!

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