All Saints

The communion of saints is something I never tire of meditating on. The thought that you and I are saints by virtue of our membership of the Church is always uplifting. Weak, fallible, crotchety creatures that we are, there is something about us that is infinitely more important than the sum of our failures. Add to that our fellowship with the saints in heaven, and you can see why the Church regards the Solemnity of All Saints as one of the most important feasts of the year. With the celebration of All Souls tomorrow, this great feast of the Church will be complete: the Church in heaven, the Church on earth and the Church in purgatory, awaiting the resurrection.

I suspect that for most people this rather lofty and liturgical conception of All Saints is much less interesting that the ‘tents and temple’ situation at St Paul’s. I don’t pretend to understand what is going on, but it is deeply troubling that, as many have mentioned, a dispute about capitalism should have become a dispute about the Church. It is in the nature of tent dwellers that they should move on; the temple stands as a reminder of the eternal. St Bede’s most important book, De Templo, was a sustained meditation on Solomon’s temple as an image of the Church with lots of number theory thrown in. Perhaps it would make good reading today for the tent dwellers around St Paul’s because it asserts the unity of the Church, both those who dwell within and those stuck outside in the courts, and the salvation possible to us all in Christ.


7 thoughts on “All Saints”

  1. Interesting post, I’ve never really given the celebration of All Saints much thought. I think this is something I’ll look into, thanks for making me think this morning!

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  3. I love All Saints because we are called to be saints really, those in the tents and those outside.
    The daily mass for All Souls brought tears to my eyes. Especially the passage from Wisdom… A very healing time.
    Maybe someone could offer a Magnificat to the tent people. This way they can pray as they occupy 🙂

    (By the way, I am not shocked at their occupying St Paul. It has a symbolic value…)

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