Seven Billionth Baby

Somewhere, sometime, probably today, so the statisticians tell us, baby number seven billion will be born. For the media, he or she is just a number, something on which to hang a story about population growth or indulge in a little sentimentality lite. To God (and hopefully the parents also), baby number seven billion is unique and precious, called by name to share God’s beauty and holiness: someone, rather than something, a person who can reflect the divine as no-one else ever has done or ever could. This is a day for wonder and thanksgiving rather than anything more trivial.


2 thoughts on “Seven Billionth Baby”

  1. It still boggles my brain that the almighty creator of the universe and all those people still knows me by name, he knows the hairs on my head and knows me better than my parents or my husband will every know me. WOW! Crazy times! And he wants me to success he has plans for me and he’s called me for such a time as this (Esther is one of my favourite bible stories!)

  2. Yes, may this baby be unique and precious — which is not so obvious if the baby is a girl in some specific countries. I will doubly pray for ‘her’ and her family…

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