The Banana Index

Yesterday Michael Blastland published an article on how we view statistics, using bananas as an indication of radiation hazard ( His point was serious but engagingly made, especially as it followed so closely on the ‘Blackberry crumble’ which gave rise to some excellent quips. Autumn is the season of ‘mellow fruitfulness’ so I wonder what other fruits we could use to measure other hazards. Any ideas? And please, of your charity, don’t rate the G20 meeting in banana skins. That one’s been done already.


6 thoughts on “The Banana Index”

  1. It’s a great Index and a great article. Eric would prefer raspberries. I was thinking of them as well but to measure the toxicity in public exchanges, political life, religious debates, etc. I am particularly aware of those ‘radiations’ and feel they are as noxious to our social fabric than nuclear ones are to the planet. I’m not sure how it would be measured however. And raspberries are too delightful for this exercise 🙂

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