Wounded Beyond Words

I cannot tell a lie. I have suffered a grievous wound. I can (just about) tolerate editors who query my use of the subjunctive or change my (correct) use of ‘first’ and ‘secondly’ in lists, but this latest injury is a mortal blow. Gentle reader, I wrote ‘in the name of Him who’. That has appeared in print as ‘in the name of He who’. I blush for shame; I grieve; and if ever I discover who perpetrated the horror, I shall be tempted to whack him/her over the head with the heaviest grammar I can find.


9 thoughts on “Wounded Beyond Words”

  1. I am writing again not about this topic but just to say thank you again for all prayers and posts and giving me hope of learning more about technology and how it helps in todays world andI realise there should be a punctuation mark in one of the words in this sentence but cannot locate it this morning on computer keypad.

    • Excellently put!
      Today I am struggling/celebrating the gift of a new pad and would have made quicker progress using hot lead.
      Please do not resort book bashing Sister or I shall be driven to digital destruction.

  2. I hate to tell you this, but what if the editor was right? The “he” form of the pronoun is correct if it takes on the function of the SUBJECT of the sentence: for example:

    In the name of HE who died, let us pray.

    If however the pronoun is the OBJECT of a sentence then HIM is correct:

    Let us pray in the name of HIM who died.

  3. Before you bean-crease the editor, would you please tell us the title of the grammar you intend to use? I depend on my recollection of what Mother Mary Henry, SHCJ, taught me many years ago, but I should have a good reference grammar on my shelf.

  4. Thank you for sharing my pain. It was much assuaged by knowing you care.

    Brown, I’m not actually in the habit of using books for anything other than reading and my antique copy of The King’s English is a remarkably slim volume, anyway. If you are in search of a weightier grammar, I’m not sure what to suggest. Online, have a look at http://www.englishforums.com or http://www.grammarbook.com. I have heard good reports of ‘English Grammar in Use Today’ published by OUP; but my own writer’s shelf contains mainly the basics needed for printing and publishing: the OED, Collins, Hart’s Rules, Fowler, Roget.

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