A Flaw in the Spell-Check

I am, in general, an admirer of Apple’s products. They tend to be simple to use, stylish and remarkably rugged. If I have one criticism, it is that they are also expensive — but that is by the bye. I have, however, discovered a terrible flaw in the inbuilt spell-check associated with their Keynote software. It does not like the possessive ‘its’, preferring to treat the word as a colloquial form of ‘it is’. Now, when I write ‘its’, I generally mean ‘its’; and I don’t like a rogue apostrophe being introduced. Heaven knows, I have enough trouble convincing people I am even semi-literate, so I could do without Apple’s ‘help’ in rendering me incomprehensible as well.


3 thoughts on “A Flaw in the Spell-Check”

  1. It strikes me as entirely possible that there are people at Apple who don’t appreciate that “its” and “it’s” are different words with different meanings and uses. I wonder if they’d appreciate an explanatory e-mail from you? (I agree with you about the generally high quality of their products, on which I now rely.)

  2. Well at least they are consistent. I don’t think any native Apple product does well with it’s and its. They are frequently a little too eager to auto-correct.
    Although, I do have to admit the I have allowed auto-correct to fix a good 25% of this from shortcuts and fat-fingered typing.

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