World Youth Day 2011 (WYD)

All this week, in Madrid, we shall see young people exploring and celebrating their Faith. Let us keep them in our prayers. For more information, see the official web site or follow the Twitterstream.

I am having another short blogcation as we have a lot going on in Veilnet and Veilpress, the commercial enterprises that keep the monastery and its charitable works ‘afloat’. Enjoy the silence!


1 thought on “World Youth Day 2011 (WYD)”

  1. On Sunday I bumped into the WYD group from the Oxford Oratory at Montserrat (including one of my ex-students who was very surprised to see me!). In fact the place was buzzing with different groups of excited young people and their accompanying priests, all displaying national flags, singing, chattering and proud to be Catholic. I’ve never seem Montserrat like it – normally August is dominated by bus-loads of tourists but apparently 11 o’clock Mass was packed.

    If that was just a taster of what WYD is like, then it must be wonderful to be in Madrid.

    Enjoy your blog-cation!

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