Asking for Miracles

People tend to divide into two groups when it comes to asking God for favours: those who never do, and those who never do anything else. Prayer is more than just petition, but it does, at times, include petition. Sometimes people will say, ‘I’ll pray for others, but not for myself’ and then wonder why they are making such a bad fist of being Christian. We sometimes forget that conversion has to start with ourselves, and it is a grace we must ask for in prayer.

I have no difficulty asking God for favours. Indeed, right now, I am asking him for nothing less than a miracle. We have done everything we can to prepare the way but we have reached the end of doing. We ask with perfect confidence and trust, prepared for a ‘no’ as well as a ‘yes’, because the point about asking God for anything is that we ask not for our will to be done but for our will to be aligned with his. That alignment of will is the secret of Mary’s obedience, the heart of her prayer for the Church. Genoito moi kata ta rhema sou, Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum. Let it be to me according to your Word. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Asking for Miracles”

  1. I join my prayers to yours, asking for this miracle you would like to see.

    Years ago, I made such a prayer. Realizing that I might not get what I wanted, I asked for the grace to accept God’s response. Just asking for the grace made me suddenly feel so free!

    Mind you, I have a similar prayer these days, for another dream, and my heart finds it so difficult to ask for the grace…

    Feeling happy to be in prayers with you.

  2. “We ask with perfect confidence and trust, prepared for a “no” as well as a “yes”. That is a great way to pray. I don’t find it difficult to ask God for a miracle either for myself or others but coping with the “no” is the hard part.
    Whatever your prayer is I pray with you today for a “yes” and also that if it is a “no” that you will not be crushed !

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