Digitalnun’s Story

Sadly, Odyssey Networks decided to change their policy about letting people they have interviewed embed the resulting video on their web site or blog. So, if you didn’t catch it in the first twenty-four hours, you will either have to buy the Call on Faith app, available from the iTunes store at 99cents (there is also an Android version) or view the lo-res version of the Call on Faith video on our main web site here.

If you do have the app, the video will be found here: The Call on Faith app comes highly recommended.


7 thoughts on “Digitalnun’s Story”

  1. Very interesting!

    I’m fascinated by a monastery making its living via computers – I still tend to think of ‘traditional’ monastic trades like communion wafer manufacture or vestment making by way of such things.

    And I’m in awe of your technological capabilities – I don’t even own a smartphone…..

  2. I remain curious as to what in St. Bernard’s writings moved you to think that you must become a nun… and of your solitary experience of the Galician mountains that did same… *smile Perhaps, if he is not over my head, I shall have a look at his writings.

    Your life has been and is rich and wonderfully full, it appears. Not without its difficulties, I’m sure. It is instructive to hear your Christian witness of, at least in this small part, your journey to the Lord.

    I read your recent column in The Universe on death and dying and the Catholic response to these, among other reflections. I was left with thoughts of how I have lived and live my life, and with my ever rapidly advancing years, which there seems no stopping, what of this death and dying bit. How we live will reflect our personal response to our inevitable dying. The Lord did not make me to do and know great things. My hope is that he is pleased enough with my small life and my miserable attempts at perfecting myself when all is said and done. *smile

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