In Praise of Grandparents

The feast of SS Joachim and Anne, (traditional names given to the parents of Our Lady and hence the maternal grandparents of Our Lord Jesus Christ), is an apt day on which to sing the praises of grandparents. You see them today doing the school run, providing out-of-hours childcare, often more engaged with the children than the children’s parents. It wasn’t always so. The grandparents of today are usually healthier, wealthier and more leisured than their own grandparents were. They are Baby Boomers turned Baby Buddies and have a very special place in their grandchildren’s hearts.

Because that is the point about grandparents, isn’t it? They can be so much less complicated about the love they have for their grandchildren, and grandchildren instinctively recognize the fact. Grandparents don’t have the 24/7 responsibility of parents; they can be indulgent; they can enjoy their grandchildren’s company in ways and at times that parents can’t. Their influence can be huge, and it is always the influence of love. Thank God for grandparents, living and dead.


2 thoughts on “In Praise of Grandparents”

  1. Being a grandparent can be a real treat when one has access to the grandchildren, which is my case. I don’t find that I replace their parents who are very present, but there can definitely be a ‘complicity’, a closeness, an inconditional love which is healing to both grandchildren and grandparents, and possibly even, hopefully, to the parents 🙂

  2. I love my nan so much, we have such a great bond though I never see her. I’m going to see her next week for her birthday, and this may be the last time I see her as she is getting old. She has such wisdom and I’m blessed to have her. Grandparents are amazing, needed and all older people should be revered for their wisdom. I’ll do whatever I can for my nan. I get such spiritual glitteryness from her.

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