4 July and Kingship

Here I am in New York, or as near as makes no difference, surrounded by the love and welcome of the Salesian sisters, the FMA, preparing to celebrate 4 July with them before I head off to Schuyler, Nebraska, where I have been invited to share something of our community’s experience of making the internet ‘the fourth wall of our cloister of the heart’.

Yesterday I was too dazed to take much in, but this morning I was very struck by a phrase used in the Morning Office. Where we talk about being a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, the translation used here referred to a nation of priests. I’m sure that fits the republican and democratic sentiments of the American people and conveys what the author of the sacred text intended, but it left me pondering how difficult it must be for those who live in republics to embrace the scriptural notions of kingship.

We take the language of prayer and worship for granted. Being exposed to the kind of minor cultural shock I underwent this morning has the refreshing effect of making us more attentive. It may not be quite in the spirit of 4 July, but I have spent the morning reflecting on biblical ideas about kingship and the coming reign of God. My lectio divina was inspired by hearing a single word, truly an ‘apple of gold in pictures of silver’.

Web Site Updates

We are still implementing the updating and revision of our community web site. The home page has been simplified and some new links added. In response to various requests, the Media section now has an ‘As Others See Us’ page which brings together some links from the past six months. If you think we have overlooked something important, pro or anti, it matters not, please let us know. We often miss articles or comments in blogs; so if you have said something you think we should know about, please get in touch.